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Wildfire Yoga Classes

Slow Flow

Slow flow is a practice integrating the breath, body and movement. This class is great for anyone who is beginning the practice or to awaken your interest in the yoga practice. Transitions from pose to pose filling you with freedom and peace. A practice that allows you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This will also help build a stronger body and allow to release any tension or stress.

Core and Stretch

This class focuses on building strength in the core and stretching the entire body. It is a fun class that is designed to create a stronger core that will help your posture and balance.

Vinyasa Flow

This is a flow that is energetic and powerful class where students move from one pose to another using their breath. This class incorporates strength building and flexibility. It is a faster pace class that also strengthens balance and focus. This a great class to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Yoga Basics

This is a class that is a introduction to yoga. This class is slow paced and focuses on alignment. You will build a yoga practice and gain flexibility, strength and balance.

Yin Yoga

Poses in Yin are held for 3-8 minutes (most use props) and work to stretch the connective tissues, or fascia, surrounding the muscles, as opposed to stretching tendons and ligaments. Yin will leave you feeling centered, peaceful and stretched out.


This class is all about getting comfy and supporting your body using various yoga props (blankets, blocks and bolsters.) The poses are meant to be held anywhere from 2-20 minutes, allowing your body and mind to take a break while being in the present morning. Restorative is a great class that allows us to sink deeply into true relaxation.


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